-- Happy Birthday to Harvey Chambers and Jim Lloyd --




 Harvey and Chopper
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Birthday Party for Harvey "PopPop" Chambers
at Gwinnett Braves
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Coolray Field, Lawrenceville, GA
near Buford

List of party people
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Speakers on for music
Following a bad rain storm on Wednesday afternoon, 19 friends and family of Harvey Chambers gathered in Suite 10 of the Gwinnett Braves home at Coolray Field in Buford, GA.  They came to celebrate Harvey's 90th Birthday and to watch a great baseball game. The party was hosted by Lisa and Chris Hoover.  Lisa is Harvey's stepdaughter. The weather cleared in time for the game, and everything was perfect including the temperature!




Bettye and Harvey Chambers enjoy watching the game on the TV screen in the suite as well as outside in the stands.  The food -- popcorn, peanuts, hotdogs, chips, cake etc. was GREAT.
Many thanks to Lisa for arranging all of this.




Left: Watching the game outside were Ted Pfrimmer (white cap), Clinton Thompson (red shirt), Harvey in BD hat, Lewis Corley.





View of the field from Suite 10.

A big highlight of the evening --
Chopper (Gwinnett Braves' fun filled mascot) visits our suite

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Chopper hugs the Birthday Boy!

Above left -- Chopper with Harvey and Ted Pfrimmer -- our two 90 year old boys.


Above: Watching the game: Harvey, Bettye, Clinton Thompson, Ted Pfrimmer, Carolyn Corley and
Randy Taylor (standing)






1. Bill and Pam Abner, Lewis and Lucile Corley  2.  Carolyn and James Corley wishing Harvey a happy BD.  3. Harvey's birthday cake   4. Clinton, Ted and Carolyn Corley   5. Mary Ann Thompson, Pam and Randy Taylor


Above:  Harvey thanks everyone for coming and puts on his rally cap in the 9th
inning since the Braves were behind.  Unfortunately, it did not help. ;- )

The Cake
Above: Harvey opens card while Lisa and Joey light the candles on his BD cake. Lisa gave Harvey his
special BD Hat






 1. Harvey and grandson Joey Hoover enjoy the game.  2. Melinda Heimerich (left) enjoys the food. 3. Jim and Cindy Lloyd, Harvey, Lisa and Chris Hoover  4. A view of the impressive scoreboard.



Above: Jim Lloyd is also a birthday boy and has his own birthday cookie. He turned 51 on Wednesday. 
Right: Jim and Cindy Lloyd with friends Chris and Lisa Hoover


What a fantastic place to have a birthday party and enjoy baseball.

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