Rest in Peace
Harvey Eugene Chambers
You are loved by many!
July 10, 1921 - November 26, 2014





The following was posted on Facebook December 2, 2014


Dear Friends


What a glorious funeral today for my beloved husband Harvey Chambers at the Hamilton Mill Memorial Chapel in Buford! Many thanks to the many friends and family members who attended the visitation Sunday evening and the funeral on Monday afternoon at three p.m. (120 signed in) There was a huge group of Harvey's Masonic friends from the Duluth Lodge #480. We were told by the funeral director that this was the largest group of Masons to ever attend a funeral in this facility -- and they have a lot of Masonic funerals here.

Special thanks go to Pastor Sondra Jones of our Buford FUMC, State Senator Renee Unterman, Masonic Brother Dale Moore, Masonic Brother John Caldwell and GA GOP Chairman John Padgett for speaking at this remembrance service.

So wonderful to have Harvey's son Barry Chambers of Jacksonville, Florida and Harvey's brother Frank Chambers from Valdosta attending. Immediately following the graveside service with military honors and the impressive Masonic grave side service, the skies were filled with the most glorious shades of pink and blue. Thank you God for wonderful weather today!

Many thanks to my wonderful daughter Lisa Hoover, her husband Chris Hoover and my grandsons Michael and Joey who have been my help in time of need for many months. Harvey loved them all very much, and he will be missed by all of us.  He is now in a better place where the master physician has relieved him of all his pain and suffering.


Following are a few photos from this event.


Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA



    Harvey was a World War II veteran.

   Family members by flag draped casket.




Shortly after the grave side service, the skies were filled with the most glorious shades of pink and blue.



Rest in peace, Pop Pop Chambers.  We love you.




Flag placed on Harvey Chambers' grave in honor of
Pearl Harbor Day December 7, 2014 since Harvey served in WWII.
The VA will be furnishing a Veteran's grave marker soon.

Family photo on Harvey's 93rd Birthday - July 10, 2014
Barry Chambers, Harvey Chambers, Bettye Chambers, Chris Hoover
Joey Hoover, Michael Hoover. Lisa Hoover was behind the camera.


Below are some of the many family and friend slide show and photos on display during the visitation on Sunday evening - click on thumbnail photos to enlarge


July 10, 2011

Happy 90th
Pop Pop Chambers
at Gwinnett Braves
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Military Honors at Grave Side Service

Since Harvey was a WWII veteran, an impressive ceremony was performed by two of the military's finest and carried out with impeccable precision.  The folding of the U.S. flag ceremony was awesome. Taps was also played. Wish we had a video of that actual service.


View photo web page of Harvey's visit to the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC
in March 2006.
Daughter Lisa and I took him to DC for this special visit

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Hamilton Mill Memorial Chapel and Gardens
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Remembrance web page
Assembled by Bettye Chambers
Wife of Harvey Chambers