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 Michael Graduates from H.S.

 Michael Photo Gallery

 ►Can you Sleep When the WindBlows

  Family x
  Happy Birthday to Joey Hoover - July 3, 2014
Valentine's Day Message to Grandson Joey - 2014
  Valentines Day Message to Grandson Michael - 2014
  Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary to Chris and Lisa Hoover
  Happy Valentines Day to Grandson, Michael 2013
  Happy Valentines Day to Grandson, Joey 2013
  Remembering Mom's Clothesline
  Happy Birthday to my sister Bobbie 2012
  Happy Birthday Michael - #22
  Happy Mothers Day to my Daughter!

Happy 21st Birthday, Michael  - 2011
  Bulldog Prayer
  Happy Birthday to my Sister Bobbie 2011 #85
  Harvey's 90th Birthday Party at the Gwinnett Braves
  Graduation Congratulations to Grandson Joey Hoover  Joey Graduation Photo Page
  Graduation Letter to Joey Hoover - May 19, 2011 -- from Grandma
  Wedding - Matt Verlander and Lindsey Lane - July 10, 2011
  Valentine for Daughter
  Valentine Hugs and Kisses to Michael 2011
  Valentine Hugs and Kisses to Joey 2011
   Happy Birthday to Sister, Bobbie
   Happy Birthday, Joey, June 3, 2010
  Joey Hoover graduates from Riverside Elementary School in Suwanee - May 2004
  Joey attends North America Tang Soo Do Federation 2004 Championships in Orlando
  Joey Hoover - Cub Scout Banquet
  Joey Hoover -- North Gwinnett High School Band - Spring Concert 2010

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  Michael Hoover Graduates from North Gwinnett High School 2009
Michael's Graduation Photos

Happy Birthday - Sister 2013
Birthday - Sister

Lord's Prayer - Praying Hands

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad -- November 4


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Apollo 11 - 40 Years Later
WWII Memorial - Washington, D.C. - with WWII Veteran Harvey Chambers
Harvey Chambers Remembrance Service - November 30, 2014



Happy Birthday, Michael 2011

  Get Well Flowers
  Loss of Mother - Never Gone
  Bob Hope in Heaven
Facebook Challenged Senior Citizen
Give this heart . . .  Love you!


Florida State University


  Football Words of Wisdom -- at FSU Doak Campbell Stadium
  Legends Among Us at FSU --  Mickey Andrews and Bobby Bowden - Fall 2009
  Bobby Bowden's final victory game:  2010 Gator Bowl Jacksonville, Florida

Christmas and New Year

  Christmas Blessing
  "TwasThe Night before Cliff-Mas In Washington, D.C.
  Away In a Manager - Special Christmas Prayer
  What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?
  Reason for Christmas
  Silent Night - Birth of Christ
  Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem
  Christmas Star
  Carol of the Bells
  A Soldier's New Christmas Poem
  Angels We Have Heard On High
  The W in Christmas
  Christmas 2010 in Georgia
  Cat Christmas Surprise
 Oh, Holy Night
HO HO HO -- Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Christmas Greetings - Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas - Not Happy Holiday
Birthday of a King
What Goes Around Comes Around - the true meaning of Christmas
Christmas Trees Around the World
No Room for Jesus
A Christmas Letter from God to his Children
The Week Before Christmas
Christmas E-Card -- created by Bettye
The "W" in Christmas
Merry Christmas from Maxine
My Christmas List of Blessings
     Christmas Wishes
O Holy Night
  New Year Prayer
  Brand New Year Prayer 2013
  New Year - Wish Upon a Star
New Year's Greeting from the Chambers' House
New Year Contract
New Years Prayer


More Holidays and Events

  Thanksgiving 2013
  A Soldier Died Today
  Gift of Fathers
  Happy St. Patty's Day
  Flag Day
  Valentine Prayer for my Grandson
  Valentine Blessing
  A Valentine from God
  Valentine Blessings to Republican Friends
  Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance - December 7
  Thanksgiving -- We Gather Together
    First Thanksgiving _John Winthrop 1630
  Happy 80th Birthday to Andy Anderson, June 27, 2010
  Father's Day
  July 4, 2006 - Hall County  
  Hall GOP Forum - June 22, 2006
The First Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving
The Splendors of Autumn
Autumn Leaves
  Veterans Day - Freedom is not Free
Veterans Day Tribute
  Memorial Day History -
  Memorial Day3
  Memorial Day 2011
  Memorial Day_Everyday
  Memorial Day_Some Gave All
Memorial Day Tribute from the Georgia Golden Girls
  Memorial Day - I had a Dream
  Memorial Day - 2012
   Halloween Nightmare - Obamacare
Halloween Game
Witches in my Mailbox
  Happy Mother's Day Fun 2010
  Mother's Journey 2010
Mother's Day Roses 2008
  Happy Mother's Day


  The Joys of Growing Old
  ►  Mother's Journey
  Honk if you Love Jesus
  Eve Talks With God
  Children's Bible in a Nutshell
  Getting Old - Discoveries
  Senior Wedding
  Remember 1955
  Happy St. Patty's Day from Maxine
   Growing Old - Comics
  Getting Old Humor
  Church Services of the Future
  Good Morning!
    Best Sports Weekend EVER - Sept. 14 - 16, 2012
   Happy St. Patty's Day - Proverbs -
  ►  Costello Calls to buy Computer from Abbott
    E-Mooning - more cute little computer symbols called 'emoticons,'
  Sixty Years of Math: 1950 - 2010
  Biblical Jokes - Those were the Days
  Happy Easter - Fun!
New Drugs for Women
Growing Older
Gotta Love This Judge
Georgia Football Heaven
Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French
Pictures to Make you Smile
College Football Scouting Report
The Four Cats
A Sweet and Sentimental Story
Women's World - Volume 2
Sister Hood -- the Golden Girls
The Meaning of Service
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
The Law is the Law

Memorial and Historical, etc.

  History in Photographs - A walk down memory lane
  Car Trivia
  American Hero - Van Barfoot
  Give Me Liberty or Give me Death - Patrick Henry - March 23, 1775
  Remembering  9-11-01 again
  Agenda: Grinding Down America - a must see video
  Communion on the Moon - July 20, 1969
  Apollo 11 - 40 Years Later

  1950's E-Mail -- the Land That Made Me, Me
  In Memory of Zak Unterman
Fair Tax Rally in Duluth, GA - May 2006
A Tribute to President Ronald Reagan
WWII Memorial - Washington, D.C.
Memorial Service: You're Invited - Shifty Powell
Fallen Hero Staff Sergeant First Class John C. Beale returns home to Georgia
1776 - Signing of the Declaration of Independence -
Wishing you Healing Light
  May Day
The Secret
Old Age is a Gift
Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?   
Miracle on the Hudson -- E-Mail from Flight 1549
NFRW Regent's Tea at the White House - March 28, 2007
Music -- Patriotic midi music
Stacey and Mandy Reece Wedding Reception
Obama's Motivational Posters
Obama's Revenge
Love that Duck!
Elvis Meets MJ -- all Shook Up
Remembering Rev. John S. Mathis, Sr. - Veteran of Iwo Jima
Happy Birthday, Lisa 2009
GA GOP at National 2008
Speaker Glenn Richardson's Wife Speaks - November 30, 2009

Religious and Inspirational

  Wishing you Healing Light
  God's Phone Number
  Billy Graham - My Hope America - Nov. 7, 2013
  Healing Light - Get Well
  Healing Light for my Husband Harvey
  With Sympathy on the loss of a Family Member
  Road to Happiness - a Father, Daughter, and a Dog
  Good Friday Greetings
  Easter - He is Risen!
  Thanks for Your Time!
  Rainbows of Life
  That's God
  Dear God, Why Did Obama Get Elected?
  Best Friends
  To all The Girls
  Best Day of My Life
  The Lord's Clinic - a beautiful message
  Get Well Wishes - Wishing You Healing Light
  Rev. 3:8 - Walking through the Open Doorway
  A Memorial Service of Celebration for the life of Ann Sharp Pilgrim
    A Beautiful Parable
    Sympathy on the loss of your brother - to Jim Pilgrim
   Sympathy on the loss of your husband - George Clopton
    Sympathy on the loss of your brother- Marty Clark
    Keeping In Touch
   Letter from Jesus
    What you scatter. . .
  I Sympathy on the loss of your dear brother
    Recall Notice - The Maker of all human beings (GOD) is recalling . . .
     Lost of Mother - Sympathy
    The Heart Doctor - view video
    Easter: How I Know Christ Rose from the Dead - Dr. D. James Kennedy
    Easter: Christ the Lord is Risen
  The Holy City  - and Palm Sunday
  A Valentine Prayer
The U in Jesus
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Prayer Chain for Our Military
Angel Knocking at the Door
Daily Rules from God
Amazing Grace
I'm in the 93%
Three Funerals...Awesome Message!
Jesus Love me -- for Older Children
His Eye is on the Sparrow
Two Defining Forces
The Lord is my Shephard
A Prayer for our Friends . . .
The Lord's Prayer
Jesus' Prayer in the Garden
Easter Greetings
Forsaken Roots
Life Gets Better with Age
Someone Says
Remembering Connie Russell - a great Republican lady
In Loving Memory of Mattie May Mathis
Stop and Smell the Roses


Republican Resume 2015
Republican Resume 2013
Republican Resume
Governor's Race News - August 1, 2010

August 10, 2010 Run-Off Races: 1 Democrat; 8 Republican Compliments of Georgia Insight Eagle Forum of Georgia.

  Deal - July 20 Celebration
Nathan Deal at Debate in Cumming
Why I support Nathan Deal for Governor - July 7, 2010
Deal for Governor Updates - June 8, 2010
  Tom Graves - Congressman-Elect Swearing In Ceremony in D.C.  June 14, 2010
Pickens GOP Picnic - Straw Poll  - June 19, 2010

Special Pages Below are in the process of being transferred to this site and MANY not yet active.

Governor's MansionFebruary 6, 2004

2004 Tea with Georgia's
First Lady Mary Perdue

      Friendship is Golden *

All Gave Some and Some Gave All


Remembering D-Day -- June 6, 1944
Lest We Forget!

Remembering 9-11 on 5th Anniversary

      The Electoral College and How it Works *

    A Memorable Visit to the WWII 
     Memorial in Washington, D.C

Uncle Wants You! *

Future of Texas

     A Special Tribute to
     President Ronald Reagan

Forsaken Roots *
by Mary Jones
    Read: God in the Temples of Government by Carrie Devorah

Click here to Read our
Golden Girls Memorial Day Tribute
 -- Tomb of the Unknowns


Memory Lane & Misc

Don't Buy CITGO Gasoline!
Autumn Leaves in the Mountains of NC and TN
Autumn Leaves in Buford and Lake Lanier --- our home
Congratulations to Rep. Stacey Reece & Amanda Reece
Happy Birthday, Daughter 06


  Coming to America

    Modern Day Immigration in the
    U.S. is out of control !!


   April 7, 2006
    Keep the Momentum Going
     on the Fair Tax. Do Away with
     the IRS!  Read more



Remember 1957 *

Moon River *
for all who love to dance

Chambers' Hummers *



Special Pages Below are in the process of being transferred to this site and are not yet active

Charlie Daniels on Mexicans 
Mrs. Bush visits Limerick Elementary School in Canoga Park, Calif., Feb. 18, 2004.Tea at the White House
with First Lady
Laura Bush - 2004

Click on photos to enlarge
 Uncle Sam Wants you  to ...
Golden Girls - Christmas Luncheon at Chateau Elan - Dec. 16, 2008
Memorial Day 2008
Charlton Heston 1924 - 2008
NFRW Regents and Capitol Regents Tea at the White House - 3/12/08
NFRW Board of Directors Meeting - March 13 - 15, 2008
The Holy Bible -- with a click of the mouse
Heartprints  - Happy Valentines Day!
  New Year's Prayer 2008
  1977 - 2007  Those Were the Years!
  A Christmas Poem - The Week Before Christmas
  The "W" in Christmas
  Birthday of a King
  Merry Christmas -- NOT Happy Holidays!
  What Goes Around Comes Around at Christmas
  Buying a Computer -- Abbott and Costello Style (under construction)
  Thanksgiving 2007 at the Hoovers -The Real Story of Thanksgiving
  Happy Birthday, Lisa 11/17/07
  Lake Lanier 2007 - Lake Drained to Save Florida Mussels
  Lincoln Club Meeting - November 12, 2007
  Halloween Horror - Hillary
  Georgia Bulldogs Defeat UF Gators 10/27/07
  Happy Birthday, Bobbie
  To All The Girls We've Loved Before
  Democrat Presidential Candidates 2008 - Scary!!
  New School Prayer (New Version 9/30/07)
  It's Football Season
   Internet addition cure - under construction
  Snow White and the Departed Dwarfs
  The New 2007 Alphabet
  The Rain - Wishing you a Miracle
  A Mother Asks
  Remembering Barbara Scruggs - a true American patriot
  Memory Lane: Fender Skirts and More
  Thanks for the Day!
  A Buzzy Note
  An American in Paris
  A Laugh a Day
  Speaker Glenn Richardson's Ex-wife speaks - November 30, 2009
  NFRW Board of Directors Meeting, March 30 - 31, 2007
  NFRW Legislative Day at the Capitol, March 29, 2007
  Tax Reminder - April 15, 2007
Easter Greetings
  Valentines Day Poem
  Sue Everhart for GA GOP 1st Vice Chairman
  Cat's New Year Resolutions
  Idiots of 2006 Awards
  The Three Wise Women
  A Microsoft Christmas
  Christmas at Rock Away Rest
  Don't buy CITGO Gasoline!
  Autumn Leaves in the Mountains of NC and TN
  Autumn Leaves in Buford and Lake Lanier --- our home
My Philosophy of House Cleaning
  5th Anniversary  -- Remembering 9 - 11
  Nightmare #1:  Dems 2007
  Nightmare #2:  2008 Democratic National Convention
  Did God Create Everything?
  You are a Miracle
  May the Lord Bless and Protect You!
  Fair Tax Rally in Orlando, FL -- July 29, 2006 HUGE SUCCESS
    10,000 TO 12,000 attended! 
WDBO's photos | blogger reports
  Fair Tax Rally - Hall County, Gainesville - June 14, 2005
  Fair Tax Rally - May 24, 2006 - Duluth, GA
Sold Out!  Overflow audience!
  9th District E-Elephant Ear - June 2006 
  Memorial Day - Lest We Forget
Happy 16th Birthday - Joey Hoover July 3, 2008
Happy Birthday Chris and Joey
Wishing you Healing Light - Healing Light 2 - Get Well Wishes BC
► Friendship Fun
Degrees of Blondeness
Computer Cleaning List
Too Old to Trick or Treat
Michael's 16th Birthday
Tea at the White House with First Lady Laura Bush - March 16, 2006  - GFRW
  Happy Birthday, Daughter 06
Summery of My Last Year on the Computer
Christmas 2006 at the Hoovers
 Thanksgiving 2006 at the Hoover House
Republican Resume - Bettye
Political Events
   ►Happy 4th of July to our Republican Friends!    7/03/06
Be an Informed Voter!  Learn more about the candidates.
   ►Governor Perdue Stops in Gainesville on Kick-off tour, May 4,  
        2006.  Read more
   ►Awesome Bill from Dawsonville to Join Cagle Race Team for
        Georgia Campaign Kick-off on Apr. 27, 2006 for the Lt.
        Governor's race.
Read more. . .
Photo page of Cagle Kick-off at  Dawsonville with Bill Elliot an
        all his crew.
Read more. . .
 ►Hall GOP Conservative Forum - June 3, 2006




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